NEXXICE Novice 2015-2016 Canadian Silver Medalist

2015-2016 Novice

Canadian Silver Medalists

Theme: Fiddler on the Roof


Jennifer Beauchamp-Crichton and Danyel Wright-Dykstra


Amy Sawyer, Beth Glumpak and Nafees Sheikh (Business Manager)

Team members:

AbbeyAnnaAveryBiancaEmmileeHillaryImaneJannatJessica DJessica SLeah BLeah JMadisonMeaghanMyaNatalieNitikaSarahTegan and Victoria.


Sanisha – January 3rd
Willow – January 5th
Shailja – January 13th
Natalya – February 8th
Sascha – February 24th
Cloey – March 14th
Saba – April 4th
Morgan – April 11th
Cameron – June 3rd
Trillium – June 12th
Rianna – June 14th
Layla – June 16th
Juliette – July 19
Isabel – July 22nd
Grace – October 10th
Zoë – November 9th
Hannah – November 12th
Lauren – December 7th
Parker – December 9th
Nyah – December 15th


Bill Phillips Memorial Synchro Invitational
December 14-15, 2019
The Flight Exec Centre, Dorchester

Winterfest 2019
January 10-12, 2020
CAA Centre, Brampton, ON

Synchro Capers
January 24-26, 2019
Sixteen Mile Sports Complex, Oakville

2020 Skate Ontario Synchronized Skating Championships
February 07-09, 2019
Centennial Community Centre, Unionville 

2020 Skate Canada Synchronized Skating Championships
February 21-23, 2019
WinSport, Calgary, Alberta

Upcoming Events

NEXXICE Holiday Gala – Mainway Arena, November 23rd, 2019