Nickname: Meg, Meggy Peggy, Meggers
  • Years skating: 10
  • Years skating synchro: 7
  • Years skating on Nexxice: 7
  • Ambitions: Long Term: I want to eventually end off my synchro skating career by skating on Nexxice Senior
    Short Term: By the end of this season, I want to be able to, as a team, work our butts off in order to win a Gold Medal at Canadians.
  • Favourite skill: Samba or the 3 turns on one foot in the no hold
  • Favourite element: no hold block
  • Favourite Competition: Canadians
  • Favourite Skater:  admire all of the senior skaters and the time and effort they put into their skating careers, but I admire Sam the most
  • Favourite Synchro Program: Watched: Rhapsody In Blue‎ or Mud; Skated: Tarzan 2013
  • Favourite quote: Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence
    – Vince Lombardi