JUVENILE Team 2021-2022

Theme: Hawaiian Roller Coaster

 Coach: Danyel Wright-Dykstra

 Assistant Coach: Allison Proudfoot

 Managers: Cynthia Anderson, Jane Ho

Business ManagerCaroline Metz

Team Members:

Abby, Adrianna, Alicia, Ayva, Cassandra, Eevi, Emily H., Emily Y., Evie, Jasmine, Jessie, Kaitlyn, Lucca, Natalie, Nayune, Prisha, Sophia, Venita and Xin Jue


Teamwork, simply stated, is less ME and more WE

Competitions and Events


Synchro Series #2

December 10th, Brampton ON

Nexxice Gala

November 27th

Skate Ontario, January hub

January 20-22, 2023. Kingston ON