2022-2023 Juvenile Team

Theme: Spies

Coach: Danyel Wright-Dykstra

Assistant Coach: Allison Proudfoot

Managers: Cynthia Anderson, Marlyn Chaparro

Team Members:

Vani, Macy, Jasmine, Danica, Nayune, Lucienne, Angela, Cassandra, Tiffany, Adela, Xin Jue, Lucca, Prisha, Ella, Angelina, Lucia, Sophia, Venita, Lana, Michelle


Teamwork, simply stated, is less ME and more WE

Competitions and Events


Synchro Series #2

December 10th, Brampton ON

Nexxice Gala

November 27th

Skate Ontario, January hub

January 20-22, 2023. Kingston ON