Frances Ann McLellan

August 11, 1939 – August 17, 2021

Fran was known in every synchro rink in the world as the business manager of the NEXXICE Senior Team.

First and foremost, Fran was a NEXXICE parent.  Her daughter Leanne was the first NEXXICE Team Captain.  As a supportive and proud parent, Fran was a familiar face at the practices and competitions, and together they traveled the world.  Fran was always there to cheer on the team and lend a hand when needed.

In the 2004-2005 season, Fran was asked to take on the position of the Senior Team Business Manager. Fran knew that in order to realize the vision of excellence for the team, there had to be a solid financial plan in place.  She was the obvious person to do this… a natural!

During the fourteen years Fran spent as business manager she had the trust of the skaters and parents as she kept track of every dollar that went through the team account.  She was the go-to person for the parents for information, the shoulder to lean on, and she helped them understand what was happening. As the number of teams grew over the years Fran mentored the new team managers as they took on their roles in managing the finances of their teams.

Fran’s love of Synchro shone through in all she did… in her management role, as a judge, and her many volunteer positions.  She was our biggest cheerleader.  Her kindness, warmth and support she showed the many skaters throughout the years will be remembered always.

Fran was loved by all.

In 2015 Fran, was inducted into the Skate Canada Hall of Fame for being an integral part of the NEXXICE Senior Team who had won the 2009 World Championships.

In 2020 Fran was awarded the Elizabeth Swan Award from Skate Canada in recognition of her dedication and contribution to the discipline of Synchronized Skating in Canada.

As we honour the life of Fran, we simply say… Thank You.

For being part of our NEXXICE story, for her passion, her spirit, for giving so much to so many and for all that she did.

This will forever remain Fran’s legacy.

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