ELEMENTARY Team 2017-2018

Theme: The Wizard of Oz

Coaches: Julia Mills and Kelly Britten

Manager: Mirkka Huomo
Business Manager: Samira Christopher

Team Members: Grace, Brook, Kendra, Lilly, Miriam, Emma, Eevi, Julie, Michelle, Khushi, Isla, Malak, Tiffany, Lillian, Molly




NEXXICE Gala November 18th at 4:00PM and 6:30PM

Bill Phillips Memorial Synchronized Skating Invitational, Stratford, December 9.-10. 2017

Synchro Capers , Oakville, January 28, 2018

March Mania, Lefroy, March 3, 2018

Try out March 28 at 7-8PM Appleby Ice centre, pad 3