Alycia Giro


Name: Alycia Giro

Nickname: Aly, Giro Hero, Girmister the Cheermister

Age: 17

# Years Skating: 12

# Years Skating Synchro: 11

# Years on NEXXICE: 6 (Jr: 3)

Ambitions: Medal at world championships, go to school for engineering or kinesiology

Favourite Anne Skill: Spiralling edges, circle cycle

Favourite Element: Angled intersection and traveling circle

Favourite Competition: Jr world qualifiers!!

Favourite Skater(s): Jenn Beauchamp, Lee Chandler, Julia Mills

Favourite Synchro Program (Watched or Skated): Skated: Soul Surfer (2014) Watched: August Rush (Jr 2009) Edward Scissorhands (Sr 2007)

Favourite Quote: “If you can dream it, you can do it” – Jimmy MacElroy