Name: Elizabeth McKenna

Nicknames: Lizzie

Age: 16

Hometown: Newmarket, Ontario

# Years Skating: 13

# Years Skating Synchro: 9

# Years on NEXXICE: 1

Ambitions: I would like to skate in a  professional ice show like Disney on Ice!

Favourite Anne Skill: Bunny Hops

Favourite Element: Moves

Favourite Competition: Winterfest

Favourite Skater: Jason Brown and Shawn Sawyer

Favourite Synchro Program (Watched and/or Skated): Leaside Synergy SP 2013- Spiderman (watched), Meraki Junior FP 2016- Moulin Rouge (skated)

Favourite Quote: “Your feet can do the steps, but only your heart can skate them”