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2020-2021 NEXXICE Senior

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2019-2020 NEXXICE Senior

Trophy d’Ecosse

Trophy d’Ecosse

We have finished off a couple great weeks of travel, training and competing and are now headed back to Canada ?? Thank you to the amazing audience at Trophy D'ecosse, your enthusiastic support is always a special part of our time in Scotland!

French Cup

French Cup

We are very excited to have performed our programs for the first time internationally this season, and have found a great focus and drive moving forwards! Congratulations to our competitors; Team Paradise, Rockettes & Team Unique! What an amazing crowd we truly...

2016 Regionals in Kingston

NEXXICE Senior is looking forward to presenting our programs to the crowd in ‪‎Kingston‬ at ‎Regionals16‬, February 12-14, 2016! We’ll be on the ice at the Kingston Memorial Centre, 303 York Street, Kingston, ON K4M 4M4

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