Mackenzie Machry

Age: 19

Hometown: Burlington, ON

Current School: McMaster University

Years with Nexxice: 7

Best Skating Memory: Stepping on the ice at my first Canadians and falling flat on my face

Favourite Part About Skating: It makes me feel free, empowers me and makes me feel like I can do anything!

Favourite Anne Skills: Allys, Bongo

Favourite Synchro Programs: Triplettes- Nexxice Intermediate (skated) West Side Story- Nexxice Senior (watched)

Favourite Competitions: Winterfest & Canadians

Favourite International Teams: Nexxice

Favourite Skaters: Lee Chandler

Dream Job: Feminist research/ working at a sexual assault resource centre

Interesting Fact: I liked Justin Bieber before it was cool to like him