Karolina Mazur

Age: 21

Hometown: Markham, ON

Current School: Seneca College

Years with Nexxice: 5

Best Skating Memory: When Plumstead took one for the team and didn’t pull up her leggings during a run through… if she pulled them up we would of had to do another run through lol #truededication

Favourite Part About Skating: Performing and team jokes

Favourite Anne Skills: Sacred circles, you ain’t really down

Favourite Synchro Programs: Mid Summer Night’s Dream & Folk Songs- Nexxice Senior (watched) Swing- Nexxice Intermediate (skated)

Favourite Competitions: Winterfest & Canadians

Favourite International Teams: Rockettes, Marigold Ice Unity (Finland) Hot Shivers (Italy)

Favourite Skaters: Shae- Lynn Bourne, Jennifer Beauchamp- Crichton, Lee Chandler, Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir

Dream Job: Teacher

Interesting Fact: I’m a registered early childhood educator!