Alice Douplik

Age: 17
Hometown: Toronto
Current School: Bill Crother Secondary School
Years with Nexxice: 1 month 
Best skating memory: My old club had challenge day, a day every time it was last day of practice before a long break. We competed against each other by doing ridiculous challenges on the ice for winning stuffed animals.
Favourite part about skating: The speed I feel when I skate on the ice
Favourite synchro element: no-hold or the wheel
Favourite synchro program: Never had a synchro program but hope to have one this year!
Favourite competition: A competition in 2008 where I skated for fun and accidentally won 1st.  
Favourite international team: I unfortunately don’t know a lot of synchro teams so I’ll have to go with Nexxice Junior.
Dream job: I’m not sure yet, but I know that I want to be part of the criminal justice system.
Interesting Fact: I speak 5 languages: Russian, Ukranian , English , French and German